Super User Annual Conference 2015

Mark Evans

Mark W. Evans recently retired from SAP after 38 years in the Oil & Gas industry. During his tenure at SAP he was Senior Director in Oil & Gas Industry Business Unit focusing on Solutions Manager for the Downstream Oil & Gas Industry. Prior to joining SAP, Mark was the co-founder of JMES Enterprises, an Oil & Gas Consulting firm that specialized in SAP implementation and support activities in the US Oil & Gas Downstream business areas.

Mark has held various executive and senior management positions at Holly Corporation as the Vice President and CIO responsible for Holly’s SAP implementation, at Tesoro Corporation as Senior Vice-President and CIO and at Phillips Petroleum Company in various Information Technology, Finance, and Operations positions. Mark has 38+ years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry and 22+ years of involvement with SAP Oil and Gas implementation and support.

Mark’s involvement with SAP includes leading multiple end to end implementation of SAP ERP, establishing and managing SAP support organizations, Oil & Gas industry leadership through his involvement in the Oil and Gas Global Council, and major development and integration efforts.


During his tenure at the various Oil & Gas firms, Mark has involved in all aspects of Refining Information Technology from the Distributed Control Systems to Executive Reporting and Dashboards. Mark brings a wealth of real world and practical experience in the business of Refining and its Information Technology needs.


Bachelor of Business Administration, Marshall University

Masters of Business Administration, Marshall University


Certified Public Accountant

Certified Management Accountant