Super User Annual Conference 2015

Mickey Shah

Founder and Chief Solution Architect
Irving, TX

Mickey Shah is the founder and chief solution architect of Innowera. Mr. Shah is an SAP wizard with a passion for simplifying complex problems and driving efficiencies via automation. He is considered visionary in this space. Mr. Shah has deep SAP implementation and Microsoft technology background. Mickey started Innowera 2008 to extend SAP integration to Excel, SQL, Web, SharePoint and Mobile. Innowera technology is used by hundreds of large companies such as Sony, Shell, Nestle, ABB, Heineken, Swarovski, Richemont etc.

In last 20 years, Mr. Shah worked on assembly languages, mores codes, flat databases, 3d vector and raster applications, codeless business application running in DOS, CAPI control applications. Later he spent over a decade implementing SAP for large corporations across the globe and implemented SAP for companies such as Rockwell Collins, International Paper, Applied Materials, etc. 

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, November 5

11:00am CST